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  • Emphasis on Documnetation Procedures
  • Essential Career Guidance Plan with Each Program
  • Industry Interaction and Real Time Projects Experience
  • Experiential Learnig With CPDLR
  • Non Restricted Practice Hours
  • Trainers and Mentors From Industry
  • TTRC Collaboration and Projects Advantage
  • Well Equipped Systems with audio video aids
  • Well Researched Material
  • Placement Assistance and support


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  • CFD Simulation of Static Mixer
  • Coupled Thermal Structural Analysis of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Morphology of Design
  • CPDLR CAD-CFD Case Study
  • CPDLR CAD-CAE Case Study
  • ANSYS FEA Cases
  • First and Third Angle Projection
  • Air flow passing through an S-Pipe
  • Water Flow through an Orifice
  • Water flow passing through a diffuser pipe
  • Coupled Thermal Structural Analysis of an Exhaust Manifold Block
  • CFD Simulation for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Understanding Logic Gates
  • Engineering Design
  • Ineffective Communication

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