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Final Year ProjectsIntroduction

Final year project is an important area of a student’s curriculum in diploma & engineering. The purpose of a final year project is that the student or student groups share their knowledge learnt in the previous years , gain broad spectrum on a specific engineering area and contribute towards evolving a fruitful conclusion through study , research and practical work involved.

It is often seen that students do not realize the important of this crucial phase and try to buy readymade project works or working models from the market. To worsen the situation it is also observed that students do not even intend to technically study or research a bit more on these brought out items.

CPDLR believes that with appropriate guidance and continuous monitoring along with an enthusiastic team collaboration these final year tasks could be more fun and a rich learning experience for all individuals in the field of Engineering as well as Engineering Management.

CPDLR Project Guidance Program


We at CPDLR are a network of Professionals and Academicians.

CPDLR- TTRC Advantage program is focused on

  • Identifying & Defining Project Problem.
  • Formulating a Methodology for Solution.
  • Generating and Testing correct set of solutions.
  • Drawing Observations , Comparative analysis & future scope of work.
  • Presenting Comprehensive Report.

Areas of Project Work with CPDLR.

CPDLR provides project guidance to individuals and groups in the following segments:

  1. Code ME: Mechanical Engineering [ Automobile , Industrial & Production included)
  2. Code EE: Electrical Engineering
  3. Code CS: Computer science & IT engineering.

Suggestive Project Areas for Students:

Mechanical & Production

  1. Vacuum Vessel Design using ASME Sec VIII and Validation for External Pressure. [ Design Standards , CATIA & ANSYS)
  2. Heat Exchanger Modeling and Simulation with Heat transfer analysis.
  3. Design & Analysis for an Agitator Shaft.
  4. Spreader bar Design & Analysis.
  5. Finite element analysis of Hydraulic Mainfold.
  6. Extrusion Process study and Die Design
  7. Extrusion Die Design , Modeling and Analysis
  8. Study and Physical Modeling of Downdraft Gasifier.
  9. Design , Analysis and Physical modeling of Wind Mills.
  10. Sports Car modifications and flow analysis .
  11. Stress analysis of pipe flange connections.

Electrical Engineering

  1. Transformer Design & Production Process Procedure.
  2. Design Principle study and Mock up project setup for a Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  3. Modifications in Existing transmission and Power Distribution Setup in India.

Computer Science & IT

We are currently offering a unique approach of developing real time usage projects involving functional approach in the areas of CS& IT. Few areas which are found to be taken up by students post engineering as courses is better to be learnt by individuals during their graduation. Some involved project segments are:

  1. Website Design & Development ( focused on Hands on experience to develop and maintain a website)
  2. Web application tool design & development ( Technology based)
  3. E-learning systems design on Moodle platform.

The above are a sample indicative of some of the topics to choose from . Students can also think and discuss any particular area they wish to work upon and the same could be technically studied, evaluated, moderated or enhanced by our team to develop innovative project segments.

Program Details:
CPDLR offers wide range of projects in the areas of CAD–CAE-CFD with Industrial problem solution basis for student groups of final year.

CPDLR - TTRC unique project guidance portfolio includes areas such as :

  • Detailed Design & Product Modelling
  • Optimization & Validation of existing structures, mechanism or components
  • Improvements and/or Innovative ideas conceptualization & execution
  • CFD for Aero design
  • CFD for Automobile
  • CAD Modelling and Simulations
  • Pressure vessel , Heat Exchangers & Boilers
  • CFD validation for solution to fluid problems
  • Rotating Machines – Turbine & Compressors
  • Robotics – Structural validation and simulation

Why do you Cut , Copy & Paste ? ADD Value to your skills by doing B.Tech Projects relevant to Industry.

Send us a detailed query or meet us in person & we will respond with project opportunities.


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