Indoor Shooting RangeIndoor Shooting Range is an area provided with targets for the controlled practice of shooting. It usually have a back wall with a sloped earthen berm or bank, with reinforced baffles additionally situated along the roof and side walls. The smoke which comes out from the guns causes hazardous effects if inhaled. Ranges with proper ventilation pull smoke and lead particles away from the shooting line and discharge them from the building to reduce

Helicopter DownwashThis Analysis presents a downwash detection and localization strategy intended for use on  rotorcrafts. 

A downwash and its effect is analysed due to the rotory motion of the

ANSYS Methodology:

picThis analysis was carried out by using Transient Thermal module in Ansys Workbench. A Transient Thermal analysis is one in which thermal boundary conditions depends on time. It

Wing ModelA wing is a surface used to produce an aerodynamic force normal to the direction of motion by travelling in air or another gaseous medium, facilitating flight. For a wing to produce "lift", it must

Pipe with conical insertHeat transfer enhancement is the process of increasing the effectiveness of heat exchangers. This can be achieved when the heat transfer power of a given device is increased or when the pressure

connecting rod model of pistonAbstract:

ANSYS capability of assessing fatigue life for a predesigned connecting rod using two materials “Forged Steel” & “Aluminum Alloy” was examined. The results and

deep drawing analysis by using explicit dynamics in ansys workbench


Sheet metal shaping procedures are innovatively among the most critical metal working forms. Products made by sheet-forming process include a very large variety of different 

Micro Channel GeometryOver the last decade, micro machining technology has been increasingly used for the development of highly efficient cooling devices called heat sink because of its undeniable advantages such as less

Turbulent Free Convection

This study investigates the turbulent free convection in a tank of water with the bottom surface being a grooved surface and the top of the water surface exposed to ambient.

In natural convection

What is Explicit Dynamics?

explicit dynamics by using ansysMany transient dynamic simulations require extremely small integration time steps, for examples, high speed impact, drop test, or highly nonlinear problems. In such cases