Explicit Dynamics By Using Ansys

What is Explicit Dynamics?

Many transient dynamic simulations require extremely small integration time steps, for examples, high speed impact, drop test, or highly nonlinear problems. In such cases, the time steps may be as small as several nanoseconds, and the use of transient structural analysis system becomes impractical, since the run time would be too enormous to be accepted. The integration method used in the transient structural analysis

CFD Simulation of Ceiling Fan in a room using Multiple Reference Frame Model

Problem Statement:

The dimension of room model is 573×387×254 cm. The rotating speed of fan is 250 rpm. The ceiling fan has three blades.The purpose of the simulation is to analyse the flow in the

Finite Element Analysis of a Pneumatically Actuated PDMS Finger


The pneumatic fingers are designed as a part of a surgical parallel robot system which is remotely controlled by a surgeon through the internet.These fingers are made of a PDMS-based


1.   What is the finite element method (FEM)?

The FEM is a novel numerical method used to solve ordinary and partial differential equations.The method is based on the integration of the

Static And Quasi Dynamic Analysis of a Connecting Rod


The Connecting rod is the intermediate member between the piston and the Crankshaft. Its primary function is to transmit the push and pull from the Piston pin to the Crank pin and thus

main imageProblem Statement

A 3D solid model for the cover of a pressure cylinder is designed which can hold up a pressure of 0.5 MPa. The model is made up of aluminum alloy. It is required to find

Transfer of heat from one fluid to another is an important operation for most of the chemical industries. The most common application of heat transfer is in designing of heat transfer equipment for


  • To discuss the concept of “stress Discontinuity” in a typical 2 D FEA problem.

Example Problem:

  • Consider a case as shown in the next slide, a filleted bar made of structural steel

1.1 Introduction

Introduction ImageFinite element analysis (FEA) involves solution of engineering problems using computers. Engineering structures that have complex geometry and loads, are either very difficult to

Model For AnalysisIntroduction: 

In this example you will learn to model a cooling fin for electronics. This involves heat generation, conduction and convection.



Physical Problem: