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Simulation of Steam Vent Silencer

High pressure fluids when released to the atmosphere, generates high noise level. This is due to high velocity flow through the valve and turbulence created around any obstacle that suddenly restricts or change the flow directions. The noise is dangerous to the health and safety of plant’s personnel and also environmentally unacceptable. For this purpose, vent silencer are used to reduce the noise level.

Typical applications of Vent Silencers are in:

  • Oil & gas processing
  • Industrial processing
  •  Chemical processing
  •  Safety relief valve system
  •  Air compressor vents



silencer type


Geometry of Vent Silencer

Meshed model of Steam Vent Silencer

Working Fluidsteam

Results velocity contour

Results (velocity contour capped between 0-5 m/s)

Results pressure contour

Results temperature contour

Results Vector Plot