SOLAR POWERED CAR USING SOLIDWORKSSolar vehicle is used as one of the most energy saving vehicle where the use of renewable energy meets sustainable energy demands with reduction of fuel cost plus purification of atmosphere. Solar energy powers all or part of a vehicle’s propulsion.

The solar car would consist of 9 main parts:

  • Solar Panel
  • Batteries
  • Charge Controller
  • Plug-In Charging
  • Motor & Motor Controller
  • Steering
  • Suspensions
  • Brakes & Wheels

case study on modeling of solar powered car


Solar Powered Car


Solar Powered Car 2


Solar Powered Car Major Dimensions




Functions of Chassis


Ladder Type Chassis


Static Structural Anaysis of Chassis


Static Structural Anaysis of ChassisBoundary Conditions


Static Structural Anaysis of ChassisTotal Deformation


Static Structural Anaysis of ChassisEquivalent Stress


Conclusion of Solar Powered Car