Engineering Programs

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Resarch Projects Guidance for Btech's,Mtech's, Phd's in Dehradun

Center For Professional Development Learning & Research in Dehradun is the only center in North India facilitated and well supported by TTRC, Bangalore for High end Research requirements in the domain of Design & Analysis in this region.

Technology Training & Research Center is an expert consultant in the areas of CAD-CAE-CFD training & project services in Bangalore, Cochin & Hyderabad. Since it’s inception in 2010 by Airframe Aerodesigns Pvt. Ltd. , TTRC has worked to provide high end Industry- Academic Research in areas of Finite Element Methods , Computational Fluid Dynamics and Advance segments in CAD Modeling , Process Piping & areas such as Blade Profiles , Automotive Surfacing & Aerospace PLM.

Software Areas where we could assist


  • ANSYS-Design Modeler
  • ANSYS-Meshing
  • ANSYS-Fluent
  • CAESER-Pipe Stress Analysis
  • CATIA – Advance Surfacing
  • CATIA –Digital Mock UP & PLM
  • SolidWorks

Domains which we address


  • Pressure Vessel Design Engineering
  • Aircraft structures & Aerodynamics
  • Heat Exchanger Design Validation
  • Turbomachinery
  • Heat Transfer Engineering
  • Structural Engineering & Crack Propagation
  • Explicit Dynamics
  • CFD- Wind Tunnel 
  • CFD- Fluid Flow & Mixing Chamber Design 
  • Aero Acoustics
  • Power Plant Engineering

Collaborate Learn Share

CPDLR in association with TTRC think tank offers project assistance and guidance in areas related to design and analysis. We facilitate tool knowledge , take up project requirements and even address customized requirements from candidates who are pursuing their higher education goals in the area of Computer Aided Design , Computer Aided Engineering & Computational fluid dynamics.

We Do not Sell Projects or Thesis

We Bridge the areas where Conceptual Industry Expertise with relevant Tool Knowledge is needed for Academic Interests.


Project assistance for final year engineering graduates. Conceptual guidance with analysis and design tools . Industry related problems as projects . Live exposure to technical problem solving with guidance from AAPL , Bangalore ,Eduhive Engg consult Dehradun.

Project assistance, , Phd.