CFD Methodology for Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are one of the mostly used equipment in the process industries. Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between two process streams. One can realize their usage that any process which involves cooling, heating, condensation, boiling or evaporation will require a heat exchanger for these purposes. Process fluids, usually are heated or cooled before the process or undergo a phase change. Different heat exchangers are named

Transient Analysis of A Heating Element Kept Inside A Chamber Containing Water

Natural Convection is a heat transfer mode in which fluid motion is not generated by any external source ( like a pump or fan ) but only because of density difference caused by temperature gradient

Jet Impingement Heat Transfer

Impinging jets of various configurations are used in numerous industrial processes because of their highly favorable heat and mass transfer characteristics. Impinging jets provide much higher


Heat transfer enhancement is the process of increasing the effectiveness of heat exchangers. This can be achieved when the heat transfer power of a given device is increased or when the pressure

 CFD Based Analysis of Solar Air Heater Having V-Shaped Blocks on Absorber Plate

Energy is a crucial input in the process of economic, social and industrial development of any nation. During past several decades, energy demand of the world has been increasing continuously at an

CFD Flow Modeling and Analysis of a Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor Shooting Range is an area provided with targets for the controlled practice of shooting. It usually have a back wall with a sloped earthen berm or bank, with reinforced baffles additionally


Over the last decade, micro machining technology has been increasingly used for the development of highly efficient cooling devices called heat sink because of its undeniable advantages such as less

Simulation of a Tank fill by Volume of Fluid Method Using Ansys Fluent

VOF model is used to model immiscible fluids with clearly defined interface. Numerical study of multiphase fluid flows require mathematical methods for distinguishing interface between two fluids

Helicopter Rotor CFD Analysis

This Analysis presents a downwash detection and localization strategy intended for use on  rotorcrafts. A downwash and its effect is analysed due to the rotory motion of the

Validation of 2D Transient Thermal Simulation Using ANSYS

ANSYS Methodology:

This analysis was carried out by using Transient Thermal module in Ansys Workbench. A Transient Thermal analysis is one in which thermal boundary conditions depends on time. It



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